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sound editing 1


i selected a music track from audio tool.
It is called ‘Destroy me’ by tornsage.

I did some rearranging to fit the requirement length which is 90 seconds.

The next step will be editing the effects and maybe recording my own drum groove.

draft location:



A girl who was always looking for freedom and love. She wanted to run away from her home so badly.She was full of hatred.
She hated her parents ignoring her but giving her many requirements to fulfill.
She hated her country forcing the students to study. No one cares about childhood memories.
She hated the weather there that is gloomy and cold and polluted.
She hated her friends who are selfish and fake.
She hated her ex-boyfriend who betrayed and find a newer prey.
Life is just a nightmare. Every night is a tocher. Counting sheeps wouldn’t help her fall asleep.
She felt nothing is worthy to live with. There were broken holes in her flesh.
In her dreams, there were still hope and love.
She prayed and made a wish when it was silence night.
For others, it is just so-called a religion, but for her she found faith to live on.

Vision Nightmare seems to be negative. I hope to twist the ending to a positive and encouraging one. Together with the music “destroy”, it is actually sounds sad and moody. Yelling and breaking sounds could be heard. Repetitive whispering and singing sounds like memories. And also the far travel voices contains of time visual. In the end of this music, when the strings come in, there is a contrast force to turn the direction to a hopeful one. Together with the very firm drum groove pushing the faith goes higher.

Keywords for storyline : lost, travel, time, lunar, dark, glow, broken door, disbelief, loneliness, surreal, insecure, lines, holes, travel, found, hope, peace, love


1. Andre Bergamin

Ideas: What I usually do is to browse my magazines until I find something that I like or that gives me an idea. I scan this image and start thinking about the composition as I add other images. My process is basically to kidnap” images from their original place and relate them with other displaced elements. 

What I feel has changed in the way I do things is the fact that now I am much more concerned with the final outcome of the piece. Now I tend to focus on the concept and how I want to translate it graphically more then on the process itself. 


Style: Montage & Collage

Materials: Old Magazines. 

references :


2. Julien Pacaud

Style: Montage & Collage. 





1. Retro style :


2. Dark surreal:

3. Geometric :


4. Retro montage

visual artist’style analysis

Theme : visual and nightmare – lost

Visual artist :

1. Andre Bergamin

Ideas: What I usually do is to browse my magazines until I find something that I like or that gives me an idea. I scan this image and start thinking about the composition as I add other images. My process is basically to kidnap” images from their original place and relate them with other displaced elements. 

What I feel has changed in the way I do things is the fact that now I am much more concerned with the final outcome of the piece. Now I tend to focus on the concept and how I want to translate it graphically more then on the process itself.

Style: Montage & Collage

Materials: Old Magazines.

For Bergamin, he likes to take out the face of the person, to make him/her mysterious. Most of his art work is B&W but contain a little color to make it contrast. His composition is taking most of the space, like the Dadism, it looks messy sometimes, but you can see the passion of the things he puts in, create a dynamic and energetic movement. Many small little curvy lines are lively flying around, blooming with such freedom.

references :


tumblr_msi8cojeeH1qapyofo4_1280 tumblr_msvkj4ifrs1qapyofo1_1280

2. Julien Pacaud

Style: Montage & Collage.


One-Million-Years-Trip_700 fractal-hunting-partyfolded-timethe-things-i-ve-changed

Julien Pacaud is clever playing in perspective. Blue is the dominant color in most of his art piece. He use gradient from dark to light to create a dramatic visual. He normally put sky as background and creates a distance of space. It is like Surrealism style. Lines and shapes are clearly seen. They capture your view to bring you the direction. Compare to Andre Bergamin, his art is more silents and peaceful, but sometimes there is a contrast of it.

sound artist

For this assignment, i would like to choose some kind of mysterious and dramatic music because for the original theme is ‘vision and nightmares’.

Recently i have been exploring They not be well-known but check them out.

Sound Artist profile: Crazy bout U

Music :
1. Waiting for you (feat Mr Delfe)

2. Rain in your lips
( but the sound quality is not good )

Country of origin: Manueh Nomad, Spain

Project has been involved:

Examples of sound artists work :

Provide a link to his/her personal web site :

Style : Fantasy, dreamy


1. Olaf

2. Tophat

3. Tornsage

4. Amoeba

Sound Artist profile: tornsage

Music :
1. Eclipse – feat kraziekammie

2. Destroy me

3. I know someone who cares about me



Examples of sound artists work :

Style : Dumpstep mix
description : cinematic, dramatic, radio effect, voice travel effect, repetitive loop,

The original theme “vision and nightmare” gives me a dreamy, insecurity and hopeless feelings. The term ‘Vision‘ can be translate into many meaning. For me, i think it is something unreal or imaginary; a creation of fancy. “Nightmare” is quite straight forward, it means a frightening or unpleasant dream. From the translation given i could see more that will be less vibrant color, mess-up stories, and illogical combinations of dreams. Something crazy like the Dadaism , dreamy like Surrealism.

digital artist

For my pixel image sound assignment,
I have done some research of styles and art direction.
Analysing the aesthetic i like and get inspiration from them.
1. Julien Pacaud
Julien Pacaud is a french artist and illustrator, currently living in Le Mans, France. Before becoming an illustrator, he was, by turns : an astrophysician, an international snooker player, a hypnotist and an esperanto teacher. He hopes he can someday have enough free time to devote himself to his real passion : time travel.Direction: style art and photo montage
Skill: Photoshop//photography
Julien plays a lot on the visual perspective, and gives a strange but familiar feelings to the viewer. 
Catherine Gaffney mentioned, Pacaud is heavily influenced by the enormous back catalogue of images from film and television – which he routinely raids for his own collage-style compositions.
I like the symmetric composition and vintage colour, and also the using different shapes to create the background of the picture. I found most of his art piece has architecture elements, and blue colour is mostly used.References:


2. Tim Biskup
Tim Biskup is an America-based artist who actually a pop-rock performer. Then, he enrolled to Otis College Art and Design’s Fine Art department in 1986 but later drop out in 1988. He did not like the art which been taught in college and started to create his own art by his concept.  He did a lot of live art auctions,limited edition prints, vinyl figures, books, records and other objects. His theories and actions are at times light-hearted and even funny, but can tend toward nihilism, anarchy and revolutionary idealism, matching the visual intensity of his paintings, sculptures and direction: flat patterns and montages
skill: illustrator
i like the geometrical style and vivid colours that the artist used.
The art objects is balance and well compose, simple and attractive.References:
Eduardo Recife is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and typographer from Brazil. He is creator of Misprinted Type, a website featuring his personal works, collages, drawings, and typefaces. He prefer hand-made product, rather than completely digital drawings – ” Somehow clean lines from the computer bother me, because it feels so cold and mechanical.” He has been in the business of design since the mid-1990s.
direction: collage , vintage and retro old style
skill: illustration, photoshop
very individualistic illustrative art style and typography is involved.
The artist also like to use shapes and patterns to fill up the blanks.Refences: