sound artist

For this assignment, i would like to choose some kind of mysterious and dramatic music because for the original theme is ‘vision and nightmares’.

Recently i have been exploring They not be well-known but check them out.

Sound Artist profile: Crazy bout U

Music :
1. Waiting for you (feat Mr Delfe)

2. Rain in your lips
( but the sound quality is not good )

Country of origin: Manueh Nomad, Spain

Project has been involved:

Examples of sound artists work :

Provide a link to his/her personal web site :

Style : Fantasy, dreamy


1. Olaf

2. Tophat

3. Tornsage

4. Amoeba

Sound Artist profile: tornsage

Music :
1. Eclipse – feat kraziekammie

2. Destroy me

3. I know someone who cares about me



Examples of sound artists work :

Style : Dumpstep mix
description : cinematic, dramatic, radio effect, voice travel effect, repetitive loop,

The original theme “vision and nightmare” gives me a dreamy, insecurity and hopeless feelings. The term ‘Vision‘ can be translate into many meaning. For me, i think it is something unreal or imaginary; a creation of fancy. “Nightmare” is quite straight forward, it means a frightening or unpleasant dream. From the translation given i could see more that will be less vibrant color, mess-up stories, and illogical combinations of dreams. Something crazy like the Dadaism , dreamy like Surrealism.


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