A girl who was always looking for freedom and love. She wanted to run away from her home so badly.She was full of hatred.
She hated her parents ignoring her but giving her many requirements to fulfill.
She hated her country forcing the students to study. No one cares about childhood memories.
She hated the weather there that is gloomy and cold and polluted.
She hated her friends who are selfish and fake.
She hated her ex-boyfriend who betrayed and find a newer prey.
Life is just a nightmare. Every night is a tocher. Counting sheeps wouldn’t help her fall asleep.
She felt nothing is worthy to live with. There were broken holes in her flesh.
In her dreams, there were still hope and love.
She prayed and made a wish when it was silence night.
For others, it is just so-called a religion, but for her she found faith to live on.

Vision Nightmare seems to be negative. I hope to twist the ending to a positive and encouraging one. Together with the music “destroy”, it is actually sounds sad and moody. Yelling and breaking sounds could be heard. Repetitive whispering and singing sounds like memories. And also the far travel voices contains of time visual. In the end of this music, when the strings come in, there is a contrast force to turn the direction to a hopeful one. Together with the very firm drum groove pushing the faith goes higher.

Keywords for storyline : lost, travel, time, lunar, dark, glow, broken door, disbelief, loneliness, surreal, insecure, lines, holes, travel, found, hope, peace, love


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