visual artist’style analysis

Theme : visual and nightmare – lost

Visual artist :

1. Andre Bergamin

Ideas: What I usually do is to browse my magazines until I find something that I like or that gives me an idea. I scan this image and start thinking about the composition as I add other images. My process is basically to kidnap” images from their original place and relate them with other displaced elements. 

What I feel has changed in the way I do things is the fact that now I am much more concerned with the final outcome of the piece. Now I tend to focus on the concept and how I want to translate it graphically more then on the process itself.

Style: Montage & Collage

Materials: Old Magazines.

For Bergamin, he likes to take out the face of the person, to make him/her mysterious. Most of his art work is B&W but contain a little color to make it contrast. His composition is taking most of the space, like the Dadism, it looks messy sometimes, but you can see the passion of the things he puts in, create a dynamic and energetic movement. Many small little curvy lines are lively flying around, blooming with such freedom.

references :


tumblr_msi8cojeeH1qapyofo4_1280 tumblr_msvkj4ifrs1qapyofo1_1280

2. Julien Pacaud

Style: Montage & Collage.


One-Million-Years-Trip_700 fractal-hunting-partyfolded-timethe-things-i-ve-changed

Julien Pacaud is clever playing in perspective. Blue is the dominant color in most of his art piece. He use gradient from dark to light to create a dramatic visual. He normally put sky as background and creates a distance of space. It is like Surrealism style. Lines and shapes are clearly seen. They capture your view to bring you the direction. Compare to Andre Bergamin, his art is more silents and peaceful, but sometimes there is a contrast of it.


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