My result

Those days i would never forget – i din’t sleep for two days. And we got late for class and our presentations were cancelled. My lecturers were really angry. 

BUT today i got my lec’s feedback,nicely here it says:

Imaging point of View: Clear, Impactful, Effective

Imaging component comments: “Progress can be seen in such a large scale in a short 7 days! what leap from the conceptual and ideation. I am really happy to see each scene coming together and so very clearly communicated. That said, that it did you time to decide and lock down on the story. The process of getting to the real root/ truth of the story really paid off. Well done.” 

Sound point of view: interesting panels comparison to story telling. The narrative is well explain in the panels. Good flow of story transitions between panels.

Sound component comments: very good sound esign and music compositions. It works very well with the panels. Effects shoul have been replaced with your existing voice rather than using the programmable ones. It would bring your work a notch higher.

I’m on cloud nine. All the hard work has been worth it  
The book of 1John(bible) always amaze me. One of the quotes is 1 john 4:18 
There is no fear in love, true love has no room to fear. 
Because where fear is , there is pain. 
And he who is not free from fear is not completely in love.


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